Earth's curve tilts bridges

Really. The top of towers of the Verrazano - Narrows Bridge at the mouth of the Hudson river in New York City are tilted almost two inches further apart than the base thanks to the curve of the Earth's surface.

Actually, there are a lot of amazing things about that not-so-famous bridge.

When it opened in 1964, at 4260 feet it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, exceeding the Golden gate completed in 1937, by 60 feet. Today it's the longest single span in North America and the seventh longest in the world. (The longest is the 6,529 foot Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan, completed in 1998.)

The Verrazano - Narrows Bridge contains enough concrete to construct a single lane highway from New York to Washington, and if the wires that make up the suspension cables were laid end-to-end they would reach 143,000 miles, more than halfway to the moon.

On hot days, the double-decker road bed expands almost six feet and sags 12 feet lower, something that ships passing underneath have to consider. In fact, the Queen Mary 2 had to modify its smokestack to pass under the bridge.



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Dr dpi said…
Hi, Super great post. Brilliant! Except for the fact that you only stayed on topic for the first sentence. But I do enjoy the way you convey the information with authority then back it up with nothing. No sources, not even the train of thought that lead you to post this in the first place.

Besides the fact that most agree the Earth's curve is closer to 8" per mile squared. Beyond that most everyone agrees the curve is imperceptible in the first mile. That is of no concern because your photo clearly shows the closest columns are tapered. It is logical to expect the others to be tapered as well. Poof! There is your two inches.
Dr dpi said…
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Dr dpi said…
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Anonymous said…
I was told that when bridges and railroad tracks are constructed over long distances earth curvature is not used in reality that it is just text book . When laying railroad tract or post fencing on the ranch, just do it in a straight line and don't include the 8 inch per mile square rule, even if the fencing runs over 1 mile. The vertical posts slants on a bridge I was told is done to maintain and support the bridge by redistributing the weight of the bridge and using gravitational forces to do this. Is this true? The longest bridge in the world in China, The Danyang bridge is 102.4 miles. Was the earth curvature rule 8"per mile square rule applied? and if so how much of a drop is it from one end to the other? Thank you for your help.

Anonymous said…
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Tom said…
You're right, of course; bridges, railroads (and roads) do conform to the curvature of the earth. The bridge in China, does too; there is no ramp at each end to reach a perfectly flat 100 mile roadbed.

You're also right, the vertical bridge posts do support the weight--produced by gravity--of the bridge.

But in some construction it really matters, for example in the tunnels used to enclose the lasers that are part of the LIGO gravitational wave sensors. Light travels in a perfectly straight line, and each leg of the LIGO sensors are 4km long, so each end is about a meter above the ground thanks to the curvature of there earth.

It's a different topic, but you might enjoy thinking about the fact that light doesn't always travel in straight line if passes close to a very massive object such as a star or black hole. Einstein thought about this a lot and the result was his General Theory of Relativity. If you can find the articles he wrote about Relativity, 100 years ago, they're surprisingly readable.

Tom said…
Dr dpi, you're right, it is hard to see the curvature--but whether we can see it or not, it's 8" per mile, not 8" squared (which is 64").

The tapered columns, by the way, have nothing to do with the measurement. They measured from the exact center of each post.

If you're interested in knowing more about the bridge and it's construction I highly recommend Gay Talese's book, The Bridge. It's available on Amazon, and your local library probably has a copy.

Unknown said…
Then way is the water under the bridge level and not curved....that's because the earth is not a spinning ball....Gravity is a theory.. made up to help and try and explain how stupid of a concept it is.. that we live on a spinning ball. ...Gravity can't be used as an excuse for every theory that is made up to fit a Heliocentric model.... That in it self.. is just a theory.... It seems Gravity is the answer to everything that has not yet once ever been tested... or proven to work in this real world.... Mass, Density, Electrical and Magnetic fields are the only things that have ever been tested to work.... and proven to exist... on this Stationary Flat Plain we call Earth.. So why is it that gravity is always the excuse for every question we have about living on spinning ball ...and all its magical impossibilities. .. Well that's because it's a made up idea fit a Heliocentric model.... that till this day.. still doesn't work.. and never will work in this real world.. .. Welcome to the Flat Earth....(Ptolemy)...had it right all this
time...Geocentricity Rules....
Anonymous said…
Curve is 8" first mile then squared distance not inches.1 mile 1x1x8" 2 miles? 2x2x8" , 3 miles 3x3x8" etc etc because the earth is supposedly round.
Unknown said…
No Tom... if it was 8 inches per mile youd live on a slope not a ball.

It has to be 8 inches SQUARED per mile. Which is the Pythagorean formula for a ball with a radius of 3900 miles
Unknown said…
And here I am wondering why I can see a 102.4 mile bridge. Shouldn't there be nearly a 7 thousand curve drop in the Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge?
Unknown said…
But why isn't there an end to the earth if it's a flat plane? How can you fly from Florida to Japan if there is no curvature?
Anonymous said…
I am a born again Christian, we live on a sphere because that's the way God made it. It's orbit around the sun and spin on its axis for day and night etc, is that way because God is a God of order. Look at open water through binoculars and it's easy to see the curvature. Look at the Moon and the bright side always lines up with the Sun, so when it's full moon the sun is on the opposite side of the sphere. The clouds always run down to the horizon.
Anonymous said…
Moon gives off cold light, it is not lit by the sun, moonshade is warmer. Watch something disappear on the horizon due to perspective, whip out the binos and it reappears proving no curve. miles squared × 8 inches = no curvature anywhere

Earth is flat and still. Ever wonder why it doesn't feel like you are moving when standing still, you are not moving! Gravity is the Emperors invisible silk panties! Atheists call Bible Believers flat earthers, because the Bible is a flat earth book. Nothing NASA do is real, people over the age of 50, think they landed on the moon in a trash can, that looked like a badly made squatters shelter of tin foil and duct tape that phoned the president 230,000 miles away by land line. If you want to believe that over Gods Geocentric Creation, it's a ignorant choice!
Anonymous said…
You are a Christian? You have much to learn, that is OK though
If you read your bible.Its it will reveal that the earth is round, not a sphere. It dosent say much more about the shape other than it has a breadth. It does however quite clearly and in many places say that the earth is immovable and on a fixed position.It also says it has a foundation with 4 corners.So if you are a Christian,The only true God does not ,anywhere in the Bible says the earth is a sphere, orbiting the sun.
Anonymous said…
From chapter 3 of famous book "The Bridge" by Gay Talese

"But now the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge presented Ammann with an even larger task. And to master its gigantic design he would even have to take into account the curvature of the earth. The two 693-foot towers, though exactly perpendicular to the earth's surface, would have to be one and five-eighths inches farther apart at their summits than at their bases.

Though the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge would require 188,000 tons of steel—three times the amount used in the Empire State Building—Ammann knew that it would be an ever restless structure, would always sway slightly in the wind. Its steel cables would swell when hot and contract when cold, and its roadway would be twelve feet closer to the water in summer than in winter. Sometimes, on long hot summer days, the sun would beat down on one side of the structure with such intensity that it might warp the steel slightly, making the bridge a fraction lower on its hot side than on its shady side. So, Ammann knew, any precision measuring to be done during the bridge's construction would have to be done at night."
Anonymous said…
That the Earth is a sphere is very obvious, there is no question. The question is how are people falling into Flat Earth Deception?
Anonymous said…
The four corners on the Flat Earth would be beyond the Antarctica right? Isaiah 11:12, and shall gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the Earth. So there must be people living south of Antarctic.? My understanding of the Four Corners are South, West, North, East. The question is not whether the Earth is a sphere, it is. The question is how did you get deceived into thinking the Earth is flat. I love you and I'll pray for you that your eyes can be opened.
It's not. It's been downgraded signifiantly in our eyes.
Investigate. Deceptions are in high places.
Mr G 247 said…
Im also a Christian so i choose the Bible and Logic rather than the conspiracies and fake news.The Bible states there is a firmament above and below, doesn't say they earth is a globe but does spin an its axis - this will spin but not as we may been lead to believe, It does mention about the 4 corners also
So im not here to dispute the Bible at all
Almighty God can make the earth square, rectangle, triangle, diamond or what ever shape he wants and make it work BUT logically why would you?
its much easier to look after something that is flat or round

When taking the earth curvature into consideration theory and you then see a ship on the horizon,you should only see the top off the ship but you do not. You see the full ship but smaller.This would also be the same for Statue of liberty, approaching an island etc
Al Flat line can appear curved but a curved line cannot appear flat
The first clip of the earth from a space was from a camera on the inside looking through a round window hence people thought the earth was also round.
Looking at some of the NWO Company earth logos it does show the North Pole in the middle. what are they trying to tell you, why can you not now pin point North & south Pole on Google Earth, What are they hiding?.They are strongly protecting both these poles
I understand If you fly from eg South America to South Africa the flight goes up, over and down, Southern transatlantic flights go missing off radar 1hr after take off and then return again 1hr upon touch down so this flight path cannot be tracked. IF the North pole is the centre then this would make sense being the shortest route.
As another post mentioned if we travelled from London to Manchester 180miles, Then midway in Birmingham the Station must be much higher above see level compared to both ends
There are things i don't understand like why can we see the SUN and the Moon in the Same Sky here in the UK - whats then happening in Australia at this point - are they in total darkness, There are so many questions. This could not happen if the earth was a globe

There are as many arguements for the earth being Round or Flat on each side. Only Recently in the last year i stumbled across something on Youtube and then began to look at it all myself and then even logic itself does get you thinking - on this modern theology of the earth being round brought to us by the same people who say they went to the moon but then admit they cant get through the Van Halen radiation belts

Anonymous said…
Why does there need to be an end? And why couldn't you fly from Florida to Japan on a flat Earth? It most likely works better on a flat Earth model
Anonymous said…
What continually amazes me is that people ridicule the notion of the earth being an infinite flat plane but have no trouble accepting the notion of the earth being a spinning ball moving through an infinite expanding universe. I guess it's all just what was continually drummed into us at school from the moment we could read.

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