A 5,000 mile wide storm is raging!

Really. There's a violent storm blowing that's twice as wide as the U.S. and packing winds almost two-times greater than the strongest hurricane in history.

Lucky for us it's on Saturn! Revealed by NASA's Cassini probe, the storm is raging at the planet's south pole. It's the first hurricane-like storm detected on another planet. The image shows that it has a hurricane's characteristic eye and wall-cloud structure; and its winds are certainly strong enough! Howling at 350 mph they exceed the winds of the strongest hurricane ever recorded by 150 mph.

Not only bigger and stronger than any Earth-based storm ever seen, it's much higher too. With a ring of clouds towering 20-45 miles above the well-developed eye, it's five times higher than the most powerful storms on Earth.

One NASA scientist said it looks like water swirling out of a bathtub, only on a colossal scale. "We've never seen anything like this before. It's a spectacular storm."

Good thing it's not on Earth or we all might be going down the drain!



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