You can see Earth from 1 billion miles away

Really! The NASA/JPL/ESA Cassini orbiter, 1.3 million miles above Saturn, had an opportunity on September 16th to look back toward home when Saturn eclipsed our Sun. Earth (arrow) is nearly 1 billion miles away. Click on the image below to see an enlargement.

How far is a billion miles? Imagine you're traveling 1 mile a second (3600 MPH), faster than the speed of the fastest aircraft, the Lockheed SR-71. Now start counting off the miles. "One, two, three...." If you travel (and count) all day and all night it will take you about 14 days to reach Saturn 1,300,000 miles away in this image. Keep counting, keep traveling, and in 30 years you'll finally make it home to Earth, a billion miles from where this picture was taken.



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