You Can See Satellites In Space

Really. Everyone knows you can see the Moon from Earth--Luna is a satellite, after all. And with a small telescope you can see the moons of Jupiter and the rings around Saturn.

But most people don't realize you can see man-made satellites too. The International Space Station is especially bright, and very easy to see when it goes over. Visit for a satellite schedule. There's something to see every night, even if the space station doesn't happen to be visible.

With careful preparation and a small telescope, Thierry Legault managed to capture a picture of two man-made satellites--Shuttle Atlantis and the ISS as they passed in front of the Sun on September 17th, 2006 near Normandie, France.

You can see different structures on the ISS, and even the vertical tail on the Shuttle, which undocked from the space station less than an hour earlier.



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