Another Virgin Birth?

Naw that's foolishness. While a key doctrine of Christian and Muslim faith is that Jesus was conceived without help from Mary's husband, parthenogenesis has never been observed in mammals, and biblical accounts are widely disputed by religious scholars.

Nevertheless, there are at least eight other reported virgin births, and in June 2006, it was revealed by the BBC that a British insurer,, had provided a £1 million insurance policy to three Scottish sisters that would pay in the event one of them had a virgin birth. The payout was to cover the costs of bringing up another Christ.

On the other hand, the BBC announced yesterday that a Komodo dragon at the Chester, England zoo had laid fertilized eggs despite the absence of any male lizards. Parthenogenesis, you see, does occurs in some plants, invertebrates, vertebrates including reptiles, fish and, very rarely, birds.

It's worth noting that in 2004 Japanese scientists managed to create a mouse with two mothers by combining the nucleous of one female's egg with the nucleus of another's.

But no matter how you look at it, it appears that it will be a long time before men become redundant. Who else would take out the trash?



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