You Owe Your Life To A Long Distance Swimmer

Really. Although tens of millions of your father's sperm entered your mother's uterus, only a few thousand managed to make it to the openings of her two oviducts. That feat, for the successful swimmers, was the equivlaent a small fish swimming the entire length of the Great Barrier Reef. (Fifteen hundred miles long, the reef is the only living thing on earth large enough to be seen from outer space!)

Since we're on the convoluted topic of sex and the Great Barrier Reef, sea turtles are one the of significant life forms that inhabit the reef. Oddly, baby turtles—in their eggs—don't have a sex when they're laid. The heat of the sand that they're laid in influences their sex. Sand with a temperature of more than 80º F produces more females, cooler sand produces more males.



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