Angels Make The Stars Move

That's foolishness. But when my 7 year-old grandson showed a little neighbor girl a satellite passing overhead her reaction was to say. "You must be an angel because you can make the stars move." While I'd like to think she was being poetic, I'm more inclined to view it as a sad commentary on our times.

A Fox News poll revealed that 79% of Americans believe in angels. A more recent AP-AOL poll says it's more like 81%. They didn't inquire about fairies or invisible friends.
My grandson certainly has a lot of the characteristics ascribed to angels, especially the parts related to flying. But he's smart enough to go on-line, find the (unfortunately named) Heavens-Above website, find a schedule for the evening satellite traffic, and knows where the azimuth and elevation data tells him to look.

If I know his Dad, he's going to grow up among the ~20% with a firmer grip on reality.



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