Earth's neighbors Are Leaving

Really. Thanks to the expansion of the universe and a push from dark energy space is emptying out leaving our galaxy and its neighbors more and more isolated.

Ever since the days of Edwin Hubble (late '20s) we've known that most galaxies are moving away from us; and the farther away they are, the faster they're going. We also know now, contrary to previous ideas, the expansion is accelerating—there's no Big Crunch in our future.

But interestingly, as dark energy continues to push everything apart there are distant galaxies that are receding so fast that we'll lose sight of them forever. (No they aren't exceeding the speed of light, they're riding the expanding Universe. And no the Universe isn't expanding "into" anything in the same way there is nothing north of the North Pole.).

As the Universe expands galaxy clusters, galaxies, and eventually stars themselves will have a gravitational influence on pretty much nothing but themselves.



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