Flying Saucers Headed For Earth

Really! Flying saucers may be headed for our skies, but they won't carry Martians. They'll carry Earthlings.

One of the largest engineering facilities in Europe is launching a major project to design post 2025 airliners. And one of the designs is saucer shaped.

They're trying to design a 125 seat airliner that's the most environmental friendly airplane ever conceived.

Besides a huge reduction in emissions (>50% in CO2, and >80% in NOx), they're also trying to create a craft that will be no louder on takeoff and landing than ambient noise near airports.

The designers know some major breakthrough will be required, that's the idea—to come up with innovative ideas that can stiumulate a breakthrough. Initial thinking is to move away from a traditional cylinder-shaped fuselage to bubble or double-bubble flying saucer shapes.



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