Mini Cooper Races On Mars

Well, not exactly. But in 2010 NASA is sending the Mars Science Laboratory to Mars, and its size and shape is about the same as a Mini Cooper.

But unlike the Mini, the Mars Science Laboratory will have six wheels and cameras mounted on a mast. And it will carry a laser to vaporize rock so it can analyze the composition of the material. (That might be handy in rush-hour traffic!)

It will also be able to collect and crush rock and soil samples and distribute them to on-board test chambers designed to identify organic compounds essential to life. It will also be able to identify gases that may be associated with biological activity.

With recent sign of running water on Mars, it's becoming more and more likely we'll find signs of life there if we look properly. This baby may be the one that finds clear signs of Martians.

Wouldn't a fossil be cool?



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