Space Garbage Explodes

Really. A recent Chinese anti-satellite weapon blew up one of their old weather satellites, and created more than 900 pieces of space garbage. That's a instantaneous 10% increase in the number of tracked objects that's been growing for the last 50 years.

The kinetic-kill impact shattered both objects into thousands of pieces with orbits ranging from 3500 km down to 200 km. The junk threatened all space craft below 2,000 km, including the International Space Station.

To be tracked with today's technology, an object has to be at least 10 cm in diameter. There are an estimated 110,000+ pieces of untracked space debris with diameters more than 1 cm in space, and over 40 million pieces with diameters of more than 1 mm. The debris weighs about 3000 tons and, until this event, was increasing by 2% to 5% every year.

At this rate, nothing will be able to enter earth orbit by 2300 unless the mob decides to get into space trash management too.



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