Bottled Water Is "All Wet"

Really. Pricey bottled water is not demonstrably better than essentially free tap-water.

Ah, but it's purer you say. Well, a comprehensive review of the bottled water industry and independent testing of over 1,000 bottles concluded that bottled water isn't necessarily cleaner or safer than tap water. That's not surprising given that at least 25 percent of bottled water is really just tap water in a bottle.

"Scientific American" referred to bottled water as Bottled Twaddle after finding that twenty percent sampled had bacteria levels higher than tap water. One reason might might be that bottled water plants must test their water only once a week while city tap water has to be tested at least 25 times more often.

Chemicals contaminated another fifth of the samples. One of these icky ingredients, the chemical Bisphenol A, has been associated with prostate cancer, chromosome damage, growth irregularities, a variety of behavioral changes and sex reversal in some test animals. Sex reversal! Holy Cow! I hope thats Bull!

Ah! But bottled water tastes better, you say? Well, that's hard to defend. Blind taste tests fail to prove that time and again. For instance in such a test ABC's Good Morning America participants preferred good old New York City tap water 2 to 1. The Cincinnati Enquirer discovered that
tap water rated at least as high as the best bottled water. In Yorkshire, England, the water company found that 60 percent of 2,800 people surveyed could not tell the difference between the local tap water and the highest rated bottled.

Maybe the most telling, certainly the funniest, taste test was conducted by Penn & Teller on T.V. They began with a blind test in which 75 percent of New Yorkers preferred city tap to bottled waters. They then went to a trendy California restaurant that featured a water sommelier who offered elegant water menus to the patrons. All bottles were filled with hose water (!) in the back of the restaurant. Nevertheless, the Angeleno Aguaphiles who were willing to plunk down nearly $7 a bottle for Eau Du Robinet (French for "faucet water"), Agua de Culo (Spanish for "ass water") and Amazon ("filtered through the floor of the Brazilian rain forest") declared them all to be far superior to tap water.

Finally, if you're "green" you'll turn on the faucet. A recent study showed that just making bottles for bottled water requires more than 1.5 million barrels of oil annually, enough to fuel some 100,000 US cars for a year.

So, at best expensive bottled water can be as good as tap, at worst it's, well, Agua de Culo.

Come on people! "Tap the tap" and "Buck the bottle!"



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