Can Moonbeams Heal?

Oh puh-leeze.

Must be a slow news day. CNN is touting, front page, an old story from a local TV station in Tuscon that breathlessly reported there's an outfit in Arizona selling moonlight as a cure all.

The piece starts, "Conventional wisdom says that whenever there's a full moon, strange things happen." Right off the bat you know this is gonna be a crock. Or at least you know that if you understand that 'conventional wisdom' is generally wrong—and definitely wrong in this case.

Conventional wisdom had it that the Sun rotates around the earth, remember. Come to think of it 20% of the people in the U.S. still do. Conventional wisdom, for that matter, used to be that Thor made thunder, although that might more rightly be called religious 'wisdom.'

Why can't people get it through their heads that you can't believe everything that comes into it. "Don't believe everything you think," as the bumper snicker says.

The CNN report goes on sagely, "Whether it's hocus pocus or science, moonbeam healing has its believers." Well, duh. And some people believe in fairies and angels. Since when is that news?

Seems these idiots down in Arizona have set up a 50 foot reflector to collect moonlight. One Eric Carr was willing to go on record after spending a few minutes basking in a moonbeam. Doesn't need asthma medicine anymore, he saud. Changed his life.

Yup sure did. Used to just be a closet nut case, now everyone knows.

Figure anyone thought about the fact that moonlight is just reflected sunlight? Or that in this case it is reflected reflected sunlight?

Why not tout the healing power of mirrors?


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