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• Time to Take Stock. Oops, too late.

• The US share of the world’s leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing capacity dropped from 36% to 11% in the past 7 years. • Chemical companies closed 70 facilities in the United States in 2004 and were in the process of closing 40 more the following year. Of the 120 new plants costing over $1 billion each that were under construction at that time, 50 were in China and one was in the United States. • The US Big Three automakers announced the closing of 26 plants in the United States over the next several years, while Japan-based companies are opening four new plants in the United States between 2006 and 2008. • There are now 12 energy companies in the world whose reserves exceed those of the largest US energy firm, ExxonMobil. • IBM recently sold its once-promising PC business to a Chinese company. • In Business Week’s ranking of the world’s information-technology companies, only one of the top 10 is based in the United States. • In spite of America’s growing demand for energy, no ne

• Taking It Slow

Did you ever wonder if rocks could think and talk? If you watch them very, very closely for a long time they don't seem to move. But maybe you just didn't watch long enough?