Bug 1, Bird 0

Man bites dog is a newsworthy event, they say, but not dog bites man. In the same sense, bird eats bug, wouldn't be worthy of a headline. But how 'bout bug bites bird, or better yet bug eats bird?

That's exactly what happened recently, and my sister and brother-in-law caught it on this video.

Patiently becoming a part of the feeder, this preying mantis caught a naïve hummingbird, and within a minute the prey's struggle was over. This amateur video and pictures were taken over a few summer mornings in Albuquerque, NM.

I never thought of Preying Mantids as carniverous or quick, but they're obviously both.

More on hummingbirds here.


Anonymous said…
Would not believe if I didn't see it!
Pat & Donna said…
Steve just told me about this and I had to check it out...... would not have believed it!!! WOW! and I will never look at a praying mantis the same way again, actually I will give tne little critter all the space it needs... ewwwwww
Pat & Donna said…
Steve just told us about this so I had to check it out........ lesson learned I will from now on give praying mantis bugs all the room they need when I cross thier paths...... who would of thunk it!
ewwwwwwww but great shot! but again ewwwwwwww
Unknown said…
Wow! that is amazing!

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